Sunday, July 12, 2009

Minerva Magazine

Minerva Magzine is an archaeology magazine published in the United Kingdom, which is available in many bookstores here in the United States. The May / June issue has several articles of interest to readers of this blog.

There is a short article on the Assyrian Palace sculptures that are in the British Museum. These sculptures are among the most famous works of art to have survived from ancient Assyria and the article has numerous, high-quality photos of them in full color.

There is also an article on some of the ancient Egyptian art in the Turin Museum in Italy. The Turin collection is one of the most important collections of Egyptian art outside of Egypt. There is also a review, with photos, of the Brooklyn Museum's special exhibition "Unearthing the Truth: Egypt's Pagan and Coptic Sculptures".

Other articles cover the classical world of Greece and Rome and there is also an article devoted to Mayan murals.

Minerva aims for the interested lay reader and is not a heavy, overly-scholarly magazine. The articles are short and beautifully illustrated.

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