Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Dawn of Egyptian Art

I walked through the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with some friends yesterday. We visited the Ancient Near Eastern Art and the Egyptian collections.

The Met has a special exhibit of Pre-Dynastic and Early Dynastic Egyptian Art on display until August 5. The exhibit includes artifacts from museum collections all over the world. Photography is not permitted in this exhibit, so I cannot share any photos with you.

The exhibit is small, but has some wonderful pieces. Several famous slate palettes are on display as well as Pre-Dynastic pottery, jewelry, ivory hair pins and combs, etc.

Also, a number of objects from the Met's Egyptian collection have been removed from their cases and are not on display at this time. It is not just a few pieces, it is a fair number of them. One that I particularly missed is a small gold statue of the god Amen which dates to the Twenty-First Dynasty (if I remember the dating correctly).

All in all, a fun day visiting one of my favorite places with a few friends.

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