Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Fortifications of Ancient Egypt

Egyptologist Carola Vogel has written a good, if short, book entitled "The Fortifications of Ancient Egypt, 3000-1780 BC". This slim volume (only 64 pages in length)  primarily discusses the Middle Kingdom fortifications the Egyptians built in what is now the Sudan.

The construction and architecture of the forts is covered, as is the life of soldiers of the garrison. The book also includes a "tour" of the major fortresses, Aniba, Buhen, Uronarti and Semna-West, describing the defenses and locations of each fort within the overall defensive scheme the Egyptians used at the second cataract.

The book is profusely illustrated with 74 photos, line drawings and paintings, all of very high quality. At $18.95 the book may seem a bit pricy for it's size, but it is well written and informative. If the subject interests you, I would definitely recommend the book.

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