Friday, September 14, 2012

The Burial of Sekhemre Herhermaat Intef

Coffin of Sekhemre Herhermaat Intef
The King's Name Written in Ink

 Sekhmere Wepmaat Intef was succeeded by Sekhemre Herhermaat Intef who was buried (most likely at Dra Abu el-Naga) in one of the cheapest, and ugliest, royal coffins in the history of Egypt. It was clearly an undertaker's stock coffin to which a royal uraeus was hastily pegged. The name of the King was added in ink on the lid of the coffin (see the second photo).

Sekhemre Herhermaat Intef seems to have ruled for only a few months and was, I believe, the twelfth king of Dynasty Seventeen. He was succeeded by Senakhtenre Tao I, who was married to the famous Queen Tetishei, whose famous (forged?) statue in the British Museum was discussed in on of my earlier posts.

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