Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oxford Dictionary of Ancient Egypt

     In the reference section of a local public library I just found an interesting three volume set of books that I was not aware existed. The book is the Oxford Dictionary of Ancient Egypt. The work is edited by Donald Redford and consists of hundreds of short articles about many different topics dealing with Ancient Egypt.

     The first article I looked at was "The Opening of the Mouth", which is in volume 2. The article was written by Ann Macy Roth and describes the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony from earliest times through the Late Period. It also provides a useful bibliography.

     As time allows, I will be visiting the library to look at more articles and see what other information is contained in this work. I will also post any new information on the Opening of the Mouth that I find in this article as a supplement to the posts I did on this topic earlier this year.

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