Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rishi Coffins - a Whole Book on the Topic

During the course of researching the posts I have been doing recently on rishi coffins, I came across a book published on the topic in 2011. The book is entitled Rishi Coffins and the funerary culture of Second Intermediate Period Egypt.

The book, written by Gianluca Miniaci, grew out of the author's doctoral dissertation and contains about one hundred and fifty pages of text followed by a catalog (about one hundred and seventy pages long) of all of the rishi coffins known to the author. This volume is lavishly illustrated with line drawings and photos showing tomb plans, canopic chests and, of course, the coffins in question.

This is the only book on the topic that has been published and it is a really fine piece of scholarship. It is well written and packed with information. It has been published in a large format and is a bit heavy to carry around because it is printed on heavy, high-quality, paper.

This is definitely a specialist's book. It is not intended for lay readers, but is well enough written that an interested lay reader will have no difficulty reading it.

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