Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ancient Warfare

The latest issue of Ancient Warfare Magazine focuses on the Ancient Egyptian military. I have not yet read the articles, but will give you a quick overview of them in case you would like to find a copy of the magazine to read yourself.
  • "Warriors of the Nile" by Josho Brouwers (editor of Ancient Warfare Magazine) - this article is a quick look at the Egyptian military from the Old Kingdom through the Roman Empire
  • "Sources for Ancient Egyptian Warfare - Pictures, Objects and Words" by Bridget McDermott (PhD in Egyptology from Manchester University) - discusses the sources we have for knowing how the Egyptians waged war, from Pre-Dynastic Pottery through New Kingdom temple reliefs
  • "The Rulers of Foreign Lands" by Arianna Sacco (currently working on her PhD on the Hyksos Period) - discusses the contributions of the Hyksos to the Egyptian military
  • "From the 'Walls of the Ruler' to the 'Belly of Stones'" by Sigrid M. van Roade (studied Egyptology at Leiden University) - talks about Egypt's eastern border defenses
  • "The Battle of Kadesh" by Bridget McDermott - the title says it all, this is another analysis of the battle between Ramesses II and the Hittites
  • "A Pharaoh's Arsenal" by Paul McDonnell-Staff - this article takes a look at the weapons, chariots, etc. found in the tomb of Tutankhamen
  • "Conversations of Great Kings" by Josho Brouwers - this is a quick overview of the cuneiform letters that were exchanged by the courts of the ancient Near East

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