Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Tomb of Djehutynakht (Part 2)

Figure 1 - painting from a coffin of Djehutynakht
The coffins of Djehutynakht contain a number of other painted scenes that are well worth looking at. Every egyptian wanted to have certain possessions in the afterlife and Djehutynakht had representations of many of his possessions painted on one of his coffins. In figure 1 we see an egyptian "kilt" that was worn by wealthy nobles. The kilt has bead decorations hanging down from it. Above the "kilt" there are two scribal palettes with brushes and two colors of ink. When writing, black ink was used for the body of the document, while red ink was used for "chapter headings", titles, etc.

Figure 2 - painting from a coffin of Djehutynakht
     In figure 2 we see a box in the lower right side that contained cloth(?), which is shown above the box as if it were on the lid of the box, rather than in the box. Above the box is a fan inside a decorated cover, while to the left of the box is a mirror in a cover with a strap attached (to allow it to be carried over a shoulder?). Egyptian mirrors were different from ours in that the mirror proper was made of a piece of highly polished metal (rather than being made of glass) that showed the user's reflection.

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