Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Tomb of Djehuynakht (Conclusion)

     Djehutynakht's tomb contained objects of great interest over and above the painted coffins of the owner and his wife. This tomb also contained the largest collection of wooden "models" known from the Middle Kingdom. Like the more famous models found in the tomb of Meketre, the wooden models in Djehutynakht's tomb showed many scenes of daily life. Cows are being fed, servant girls are bringing offerings to the owner of the tomb, granaries and breweries are shown. And there are a number of model boats. The excavators also found a few pieces of jewelry that the tomb robbers somehow missed.

     The tomb also held one rather grisly surprise for the excavators. The head of either Djehutynakht or his wife (it is not certain which of them) was found in the tomb. The head shows that the brain of the deceased was partially removed via the nose (as would become normal later in Egyptian history) and partially through the base of the head at the back of the skull.

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