Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tomb of the Parents of Senenmut (Cont.)

     Hatnofer also had in her burial equipment a small chair made of wood that had a linen mesh for a seat. The legs of this object ended in lion paws and the chair sat very low to the ground, as ancient Egyptian chairs typically did. On its back are open work carvings of four Djed columns, two on each side of a carved representation of the god Bes.
     Hatnofer also was buried with a cartonnage mummy mask covered in gold foil and having alabaster eyes with inlaid obsidian pupils. The lower portion of the mask has incised decoration representing a beaded collar. 

     Rings and a heart scarab were found on her mummy. The tomb also contained numerous other items that she may have actually used in life as well as jars of wine and baskets of other food offerings that she would need in the afterlife.

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