Thursday, February 26, 2015

Senebkay Killed in Battle?

     You have probably never heard of this ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. His existence was completely unknown until recently when his tomb was found last year at Abydos. He ruled a small kingdom centered around Abydos during the Second Intermediate Period. The existence of this kingdom has been suggested in the past, but it has only been recently that concrete evidence has been found to support its existence.

     The body (bones only) of the King has just just been examined and it seems likely that he was killed in battle. His body shows numerous cuts to his legs and also to his back and head. The position of the wounds in the lower part of his body indicates that he was above his attackers when he was attacked. His body also indicates that he had ridden horses for many years, so he may have been on horseback or in a chariot when he was attacked.

     This now makes Senebkay the earliest known Egyptian King to die in battle, replacing Sekenenre Tao (Dynasty 17) for this dubious distinction.

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