Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More on "Nefertiti's Tomb"

     I have read a copy of Nicholas Reeve's paper in which he describes his theory that the tomb of Tutankhamen is the front on Nefertiti's tomb and that her burial lies behind one of the walls of Tut's final resting place.

     Tutankhamen's tomb was digitally scanned a while back so that a full scale replica could be made. In looking at those scans, Dr. Reeves found what he believes is evidence that there is a doorway behind the paintings on two of the burial chamber's walls. One of these doorways leads only to an additional chamber (or so Dr. Reeves believes), while the other leads to a passageway into Nefertiti's tomb.

     So why does Dr. Reeves believe that, if there is a tomb hidden behind Tut's, it is the tomb of Nefertiti? He feels that the layout of the chambers in Tutankhamen's burial place indicate that the "antechamber" and "burial chamber" are a corridor that was divided by a wall erected to break what was originally one space into two. The layout of the "original corridor" indicates that the "larger tomb" was constructed for a Queen, and the only Queen of this era who might have had a burial in the Valley of the Kings was Nefertiti after she ruled Egypt as Akhenaten's successor (Semenkhara).

     Reeve's cautions that his theory needs to be proven by careful study of Tutankhamen's tomb. I would assume that this work will be done soon and it will be very interesting to see if it supports this intriguing idea.

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