Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Still More Tutankhamen News

Copy of the Interior of Tutankhamen's Canonic Chest
     The Egyptians believed that to say the name of the dead was to make them live again. If so, Tutankhamen is having one blessed afterlife as his name never seems to be out of the news for very long.

     The latest tidbit is that the Egyptian Minister of Tourism may have let something "slip" regarding the work that is being done on Tutankhamen's tomb. The minister seems to suggest that it has been confirmed that there are other chambers in KV 62 and that they are filled with treasures. How the minister knows this I have no clue. Why he would reveal this before the official announcement of findings (scheduled for April) is beyond my ability to comprehend as well. In any event, here is an article on this development.

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