Monday, March 14, 2016

Some Magazines Need a Fact Checker

     One of the magazines I mentioned in an earlier post was "The All About History Book of Ancient Egypt". So far I am 71 pages into it and I have found a number of somewhat wrong statements, photo captions mistakes, etc. The goofs include:

  • On page 60 a side bar has the heading "Amun vs. Aten". The accompanying photo is of the god Min. The accompanying text makes several references to "the Church of Amen". I have never heard of an Egyptian temple being called a church before....
  • On page 64 there is a family tree of the early Eighteenth Dynasty royal family. Accompanying it is a photo of a mummy with the caption "The mummy of Tuthmose III was discovered in the Dier el-Bahri Cache in 1881". The mummy shown in the photo is not that of Tuthmose III. It is actually the mummy of Ahmose
  • The front cover has one of my pet peeves. At the bottom it says "Iconic Pharaohs, Pyramids, Hieroglyphics". The word hieroglyphics does not exist. The correct word is hieroglyphs.
  • There is one goof I can sort of forgive them for. On page 68 (and in several other places) the first king of the Eighteenth Dynasty is referred to as Ahmose I. Recently it has become known that he is actually Ahmose II. Senakhtenre of the Seventeenth Dynasty has traditionally been said to have a Nomen of "Tao". However, in 2012 an inscription was found giving his Nomen as "Ahmose". So the first king of Dynasty Eighteen is like a well known musician, "Ahmose II, the King formerly known as Ahmose I"
  • On page 71, the last Hyksos Pharaoh (Khamudi) is referred to as a "semitic" king. This may be true, but it also may not be true. The exact ethnicity of the Hyksos is a subject of great disagreement. Some scholars think they were Semitic, while others claim they may have been at least partially Hurrian

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