Sunday, June 26, 2016

Philadelphia's Mummy Mobile

     Wherever I go I like to photograph the local Near Eastern Art collections. Philadelphia is no exception as the Penn Museum has very nice collections of Egyptian, Anatolian and Mesopotamian art. I have not been to this museum since photographs were printed on paper, so I was anxious to take some digital pictures of the collection. I will share some photos from excavations at Ur and other places in my next few posts, but for today let's just have some fun.
     The first picture is taken right outside the Penn Museum's entrance. They have not one, but two mummy mobiles (the red car in the background is a mummy mobile as well). What exactly is the function of a mummy mobile? I have no idea, but it does not look to be as cool as the Bat Mobile.
     The second picture was taken inside the parking garage at the Penn Museum. The speed limit is 7 1/2 MPH?? Only in Philadelphia!

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