Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sumerian Votive Statuette

     In the last post I showed a silver statuette of a man that dates from around 800 B. C. I mentioned that the large eyes this figure had reminded me of Sumerian statuettes made from alabaster. Here is an example of such a statuette dating to 2600 - 2350 B. C. This object (from Khafaje, Iraq) is carved from alabaster and has shell eyes and lips lazuli pupils. The man's hands are clasped in front of him in the same way that they are clasped in front of the silver figure in the previous post. The similarities exist in the style of small statuettes from temples in spite of the fact that there is well over 1,000 years sepearating these two works of art.

     The purpose of this statuette is not completely certain. Does it represent a priest? Is it a votive statuette left in the temple by someone trying to impress a god or goddess with his piety? No one knows for sure.

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