Monday, October 24, 2016

One Last Khorsabad Post

     Ok, so I said I was done with Khorsabad posts, but I have neglected a few things about the site. So here goes one last post...

     Khorsabad was the site of the first large excavation of an archaeological site in the Middle East. Bottta began digging there in 1843 (see my previous post for photos of some of the objects he found). He was followed by Victor Place and, later on, the Oriental Institute.

     Many objects have been found by archaeologists aside from the large reliefs I have shown in previous posts. A foundation deposit that contained a description of the city's founding was found, as were several copies of the text on tablets made of copper, lead, silver and limestone. There were temples to the sun, moon and god of writing (Nabu) as well as a four story ziggurat. And last, but definitely not least, the Oriental Institute found the so-called "Khorsabad King-List", which named all of the Assyrian Kings from early times until Sargon along with the length of their reigns.

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