Monday, January 23, 2017

Dynasty Thirteen Group Statue

     As the Middle Kingdom wound down and the Second Intermediate Period began, group statues like the one illustrated here became more common. This group is of a nobleman named Senpu and his family. They are shown standing in front of an altar which they hoped would have offerings placed on it in their memory. Senpu is the cloaked figure in the center, and he is surrounded by his mother, two brothers and another woman (his grandmother?).

     The garments of the men are are good examples of some that I have mentioned in the last few posts. Senpu wears a cloak that he holds together with his right hand, while his brothers wear long "kilts" that are tied at the waist (you can see the knot sticking out above the top of the kilts).

     The women are dressed in fairly traditional sheath dresses that come up to just below the breasts. The breast are covered by straps that go over each shoulder.

     This statue is now in the Louvre in Paris and was originally found at Abydos.

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