Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ancient Egypt in the London Times

I have found a number of articles on ancient Egypt in the London Times. Some of these stories go back a bit in time, but I thought all of you might be interested in them.

1) New Egyptian Gallery in the British Museum.
2) Britan's Love Affair with Ancient Egypt.
3) Tutankamen's Latest Visit to Britan.
4) Death and the Afterlife.
5) Kush Invades Egypt in the Seventeenth Dynasty.
6) Using New Technology to Examine an Ancient Mummy.
7) A Recent Forged Statue of an Amarna Princess.
8) Egypt's "Other" Pyramids.
9) Hatshepsut's Mummy Identified.
10) Another Story About Hatshepsut's Mummy.

The fifth article above is the most interesting from a historical point of view and I will have a bit more to say about it in an upcoming post.

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