Sunday, April 12, 2009

Egypt's Seventeenth Dynasty (Again)

In 1987 I submitted a paper in which I created what I believe to be an accurate sequence for the Kings of the Seventeenth Dynasty. I presented this material (with some updates) in posts I made to this blog between January 31, 2009 and February 18, 2009.

One of my conclusions is that Sekkemre Shedtowy Sobekemsaf was the predecessor of two Kings named Intef. While surfing the web recently, I found a post in Wikipedia which quotes Kim Ryholt (in the book "The Political Situation In Egypt in the Second Intermediate Period") as claiming that a door jamb had been found in 1993 in which Sobekemsaf was listed as the father of two Kings named Intef. This would seem to confirm this part of my conclusions in sequencing the Dynasty Seventeen Pharaohs.

However, this post claims that Nebkheperre Intef is one of the two Intefs that Sobekemsaf fathered. This makes no sense to me however. Nebkheperre should be a predecessor of Sobekemsaf's (see my post on this topic). The two Intefs that I believe Sobekemsaf fathered are Sekhemre Wepmaat Intef and Sekhemre Herhermaaat Intef. It should be noted that the inscription quoted in the Wikipedia entry reads "Antef begotten of Sobekem....". This inscrption does NOT specifically state that Nebkheperre is the "Antef" in question.

As soon as I obtain Dr. Ryholt's book I will post again on this topic.

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