Friday, October 25, 2013

Sit Hathor Yunet - Rings, Anklets and Wristlets

Fig. 1 - one of the Princesses' rings
      Sit Hathor Yunet had other jewelry that was quite beautiful. A pair of virtually similar rings was found in the tomb. The bases of the rings are simple gold plates, while the backs of the rings are gold cloisonne inlaid with stone. The head of one ring is carved from Lapis Lazuli, while the other (see figure 1) is made of green feldspar.

     A pair of wristlets (Fig. 2) is made of red and blue beads arranged in 37 rows and separated by gold. The clasps are made of gold with red inlay decorated with Amenemhat III's throne name.

Fig. 2 - one of Sit Hathor Yunet's wristlets
     Petrie also found a pair of anklets in the tomb with twenty three rows of beads and simple clasps made of gold. The tomb also contained a gold circlet with a pair of gold plumes in the rear and a uraeus in the front (now in the Cairo Museum). Pectorals comprised of the names of either Senwosert II or Amenemhet III flanked by Hawks with a solar disk on their heads were also included in the Princesses' grave goods.


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