Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sit Hathor Yunet's Jewelry

Fig. 1 - the princesses' leopard head girdle
     Sit Hathor Yunet's jewelry is among the most beautiful that has survived from ancient Egypt. Figure 1 is another girdle found in her tomb. This time the gold work consists of seven double leopard heads separated by a double string of amethyst beads. The leopard heads were made in two parts and soldered together in the same way as the cowrie shell girdle (see the previous post), with one of the leopard heads acting as a sliding clasp to make putting the girdle on easier. Six of the leopard heads had pellets inside of them, which would have caused them to rattle as the princess walked around in the girdle.
Fig. 2 - one of the crouching lion bracelets

     Also in the jewelry boxes were four bracelets made of double rows of different colored beads separated by small crouching lions. The beadwork consisted of seven turquoise, three gold, and five carnelian beads in each section, with each section repeating several times. The base of the lions measure only 16 by 6 mm.

Photos copyright (c) 2013 by John Freed


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