Saturday, April 19, 2014

Follow Up on the Tomb of Senebkay

     In January we reported that the tomb of a Second Intermediate Period Pharaoh named Senebkay had been found at Abydos. At the time it was speculated by some that Senebkay was a 16th Dynasty Pharaoh.

     The latest issue of KMT magazine (Spring 2014) devotes two pages to the discovery of SenebKay's tomb as well as to the discovery of the tomb of Sobekhotep I (also at Abydos). The press release in KMT speculates that this discovery proves the existence of an "Abydos Dynasty" in the Second Intermediate Period, but I am not sure any such thing has been "proven".

     There is apparently evidence for a number of other royal burials in this area and when the University of Pennsylvania resumes excavations they will hopefully find more evidence to either prove, or disprove, this theory.

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