Sunday, April 27, 2014

Looting is Happening in Syria Too

     I have done a few posts on looting in Egypt that is going on due to the unstable political situation there. But that is not the only place archaeological treasures are being harmed due to unstable politics.

     An article in the Wall Street Journal (Saturday / Sunday, April 26 - 27) details the problems that Syria is facing as scholars attempt to preserve the country's historical artifacts. In Aleppo, the national museum looks like a bunker. Concrete and sand bags have been set up to protect the building from stray mortar shells and the exhibition halls are empty as most of the artifacts have been removed to the museum's basement for protection. The curators and museum guards now live in the museum in an attempt to protect it from looters.

     Sadly, no end is in sight for the deteriorating political situation in several countries in the Middle East. The human toll is staggering and the loss of archeological treasures is incalculable.


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  1. Hi John,
    Three months has passed since your post above and sadly there seems to have been no let up in the misery which Syria is experiencing at this time.
    I worry for the good people of the Aleppo Museum who looked after me so well, some years ago now, when I was there on research. I fear for the antiquities in their care.
    The news I read of ancient, irreplaceable treasures being destroyed is so distressing. Let it end soon.