Thursday, January 1, 2015

KMT Magazine Turns 25

     With the publication of its most recent issue, "KMT, a Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt"was founded in 1990 and is now celebrating its 25th anniversary and its 100th issue published.

     The magazine has been nurtured for all of those years with loving care by editor Dennis C. Forbes who produces a high-quality magazine loaded with great articles and beautiful pictures every quarter. The articles are written by some of the most well respected egyptologists in the world including Emily Teeter, Nicholas Reeves, Aiden Dodson and many others.

     In her regular column "Nile Currents", Salima Ikram reports on the results of excavations at Memphis, Sakkara, Amarna, Karnak or any other places in Egypt that archaeologists are working. David Moyer, in his column "For the Record" keeps readers all over the world up to date on public lectures, museum exhibits, newly published books and newspaper articles, as well as any movies or television specials made with ancient Egypt as their topic.

The magazine is available at Barnes and Nobles and can be subscribed to at their website.

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