Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pyramid Texts

     I mentioned in the previous post that Dr. James Allen has published new translations of some Egyptian religious texts. I was poking around in the internet and found that he is working on the Pyramid texts and he has posted some very useful, if very specialized, information on this topic.

     In the first volume of the work he has posted a new concordance of the Pyramid texts. What this means is that he has listed each of the pyramid texts, which pyramids they occur in, which room in the pyramid they can be found in and, finally, the column number in the pyramid where the text can be found. Then he offers each text in transliteration.

     In the next few volumes of the work, Dr. Allen publishes copies of the hieroglyphs in the texts. This is still a work in progress as he has copied and posted only a little over 600 of the texts (out of well over 1,000).

     If you are interested in working on the Pyramid texts, there is enough information here to keep you busy for a long time. If you translate any of these texts and want to check your translations, you can do so in Dr. Allen's book The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts.

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