Saturday, December 26, 2015

Stela of Amenyseneb (cont.)

Fig. 1 - Stela of Amenyseneb (reverse side)
Fig. 2 - Stela of Amenyseneb (reverse side)
     As mentioned in the previous post, this stela is unusual in that it is inscribed on both sides. The reverse has scenes of harvesting and cattle raising, a couple of which show asiatics working for the stela's owner. The scenes are not particularly unusual. One shows meat being cooked (figure 1, top register, left side) while another shows the foreleg of a cow being cut off for presentation to Amenyseneb (fig. 1, register 2). Another scene shows cattle being used to thresh grain (fig. 2, top register). These scenes are similar to scenes from tomb walls going back to the Old Kingdom, and similar scenes would appear on tomb walls virtually until the end of dynastic history.

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