Thursday, January 14, 2016

An Early Dynasty 12 Stela

Fig. 1 - Stela of Kay
     Some of the stelae shown in the Met's Middle Kingdom special exhibit have some interesting details on them. This particular one is from Dynasty Twelve and shows a hunter, named Kay with either his wife or mother and his hunting dogs.

Fig. 2 - Detail of two of Kay's dogs
Fig. 3 - Kay and his Mother or Wife
     Kay has his bow in one hand and a few arrows in the other. His wife or mother carries a lotus flower (see fig. 2) in one hand while her other hand rests on her husband's / son's shoulder. Both figures are wearing broad collars which probably were originally painted several colors representing inlays of semi-precious stones.  The  detail work on the two human's hair is both interesting and unusual (see fig. 3) and seems to suggest very tightly braided or curled hair (wigs?).

     Two of Kay's dogs tag along at their owner's feet with several more dogs lying on the ground at Kay's feet (see fig. 4).The dogs seem to be of different breeds.

     This object may have been found near Thebes.

Fig. 4 - Three Dogs Lying Down at Kay's Feet

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